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Digital Marketing Agency for Nonprofits
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Who we are

We are a committed team of digital marketing experts who thrive on enabling nonprofits for success in meeting marketing goals whether it is to spread brand awareness, increase donor strength or engage more volunteers.

Our holistic approach is designed to help you understand where to begin, bridge the gaps in your current marketing strategy and on how to amplify a sound digital marketing solution for specific and measurable results.

Based on your current roadmap, we gauge the pluses and minuses to create an actionable strategy in marketing for nonprofits. We use the best practices in digital marketing for nonprofits to ensure optimised strategies are tailored based on your specifications, so you get measurable results that meet your business goals.

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What Does Marketing Do for a Nonprofit?

Marketing, if done right, can help you build and nurture a connection with your target audience to meet your objectives or goals. It is the most effective way for a nonprofit to make itself known and heard on a public platform, especially if you aim to garner more support and resources. Whether it’s a need to raise funds, engage volunteers, spread awareness or promote your cause, marketing doubles as your mouthpiece and as a loudspeaker.

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle With Marketing?

The premise that nonprofits operate on is with a limited amount of marketing knowledge, resources and funds. This can make it challenging to constantly evolve and stay in tune with changing digital marketing trends.

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle With Marketing

Earlier, nonprofits primarily used traditional methods of cold calling and donor patronage to promote their cause and engage donors or volunteers. However, with digital transformation, nonprofits now need to know how to make the best use of digital marketing opportunities to gain maximum benefits. They need to factor in the right kind of digital strategy, relevant marketing channels for communication, choice of metrics to evaluate progress and lots more.

With limited resources available, nonprofits may not necessarily have the right kind of qualified or experienced marketing teams to help spearhead their goals or objectives. To bridge the gaps that need to be filled, a digital marketing agency for nonprofits with relevant experience can be a great choice to help meet business goals.

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle With Marketing

What are the Basic Differences Between Nonprofit and Profit Oriented Marketing?

While both nonprofits and for-profits focus on delivering benefits to you, the main difference that sets them apart are their goals. For-profits market consumer goods and services that will directly benefit you. They use marketing approaches to attract a target audience by showcasing features or USPs of the products or services that can be valuable to users. Nonprofits on the other hand use marketing initiatives to educate the masses on various social or philanthropic causes by spreading awareness and emotionally appealing to a target audience. This is done in order to solicit donations that will indirectly provide benefits to the concerned recipients.

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What we do

Digital Strategy for Nonprofits

As a full-service digital marketing agency for nonprofits, we at Growth Ganik empower you in the right direction by helping you start with the essential building blocks.

A sound foundational marketing strategy for nonprofits is specifically customised to help you meet your goals such as to spread more brand awareness, grow your donor base, increase volunteer signups or reach out to community groups. Based on your mission, the gaps and specific results you need, we then deep dive into creating actionable plans at a granular level.

Digital Strategy for Nonprofits
SEO for Nonprofits
SEO for Nonprofits

Our tactical SEO approach is designed to help your nonprofit grow consistently. We develop a tailored SEO strategy, understand search and user intent for keywords and continuously optimise your pages.

Our donor-centric SEO campaigns and best practices help your website rank higher, promote more visibility and push your cause ahead.

Web Design for Nonprofits

First impressions never get a second chance. A visually engaging and professional web design is critical for you to build a brand image for your nonprofit. As part of our content marketing best practices, our team of marketing specialists take into consideration factors such as layout, navigation, easy access, visual elements and more to help build a winning website that provides excellent user experience.

This in turn will help in gaining more viewers, creating awareness of your cause and attracting the relevant target audience to drive more donations or volunteership and promote your cause.

Web Design for Nonprofits

FAQ About SEO Consultants

What is a nonprofit marketing strategy?

A non-profit marketing strategy is an actionable plan that’s designed to achieve a specific goal such as to promote awareness or to raise funds. You can check out our complete guide on nonprofit marketing strategy here.

How do you create a marketing plan for a non profit organisation?

In order to create a nonprofit marketing plan, you need to follow a series of steps based on a planned strategy. Begin with identifying and creating a target audience, set goals or KPIs, decide on the right marketing tools and take measures at the right intervals to implement them. You can also enlist the services of a digital marketing agency for nonprofits to help you get started.

How much should a nonprofit spend on marketing?

While each nonprofit’s goals or objectives may vary, 10-20% of an operating budget is the average investment that should be set aside for a marketing initiative. If you need to consult a digital marketing agency for nonprofits, then this budget may vary depending on what you need their services for.

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