SEO Audit Service

We do all the necessary SEO health checks and provide a suite of custom-designed solutions or a personalised SEO audit package to boost your website performance.

SEO Audit Service

What We Do

Technical Site Audit

As part of our technical SEO audit service, we track critical, yet often ignored, metrics such as your loading page speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing and audits for broken links. Post that we provide both recommendations and make the changes for you.

Technical Site Audit
Keyword Audit
Keyword Audit

We review your existing set of keywords and see if there are any gaps in your keyword strategy. This includes:-

Analysing for search intent - does the search intent for the keyword match the action they are going to take on your page?

Analysing for competitiveness - Are you already placing yourself on the backfoot by competing for a highly competitive keyword? What are some alternatives in which you can make quick wins?

What keywords gaps are there? - What are some secondary keywords that you can net traffic and business for that can be tackled with your secondary landing pages and blogs?

On-Page Audit

Unsure if you have set up the right title tag (based on your target keywords) or the correct formatting for your h-tags? Instead of following a standard SEO audit template, we analyse which content should be tagged based on your keyword goals to ensure that Google can easily crawl your pages.

On-Page Audit
Blog Audit
Blog Audit
  • IconHaving a robust blog is one of the primary traffic/lead generating multiplier effects for your website, so you want to make sure you have the right blogging strategy in place. We dissect and understand the type of topics that will work and convert for your website, which means-
  • IconReviewing and providing antidotes for your existing blogs and review if its set up for the right search intent
  • IconProviding you with a powerful list of traffic and lead-generating topics.

Our Benefits

Ensure your website is ready

Ensure your website is ready to be crawled and set up for success.

On top of our SEO audit checklist is to ensure we scan and fix potential errors on your website so it can be crawled, indexed and optimised. As part of our SEO audit service, we check for linking, good website navigation, sitemaps and more so Google takes notice and your website can be efficiently set up.

Make sure your title and h-tags are set up properly

Make sure your title and h-tags are set up properly.

Your content will speak for itself if it has all the essential elements ticked off on your SEO audit checklist. The correct heading tags and titles will help you to organise your content, draw attention to all significant information, improve quality and make it more reader-friendly. We help in creating the perfect heading strategies so your website content gets the maximum reach and engagement for an increase in SEO ranking on the SERPs.

Ensure your page load speed is optimised

Ensure your page load speed is optimised.

Page load speed is vital for a superlative user experience on your website that will help minimise bounce rates and increase conversions. We can help you make a great first-time impression using strategies such as image optimization, file format modifications and more.

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Understanding Your Industry And Site

As an enterprising SEO audit agency, we take the time to understand your business goals and objectives and the industry you come from so we can align our services accordingly. Based on your profile, we create a custom SEO audit template, then leverage our expertise to devise dynamic SEO strategies that will make an impact.


Report With Loom Video Presentation

To make it more engaging and easy for you, we elevate the quality of our reports and recommendations using Loom video conferencing, perfect for asynchronous presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO audit checklist?

A SEO audit checklist includes all the essential steps needed to run an effective SEO audit on your website to get valuable insights on your search engine ranking based on parameters such as traffic, engagement, conversion rates and more.

Why SEO audit is important?

An SEO audit is a great way to identify where your website stands literally in SERPs. Based on an audit, you can leverage its strengths, diagnose and fix errors and boost the overall performance of your website for higher rankings and traffic.

How many types of SEO audits are there?

There are three primary kinds of SEO audits for any search engine optimisation. They include

  • On-Page SEO that uses content and source codes to optimise individual pages
  • Off-Page SEO that checks the quality and number of links to other pages and
  • Technical SEO Audit that reviews a site on parameters such as image optimization, site speed and security.

How do I audit my website?

An SEO audit is a great way to identify where your website stands literally in SERPs. Based on an audit, you can leverage its strengths, diagnose and fix errors and boost the overall performance of your website for higher rankings and traffic.

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