Making SEO Awesome Again

We help businesses grow their online audience or(Ganik)ally.

Wean off Paid Marketing and Generate a Sustainable Organic
Audience that comes to YOUR Website

B2B SEO Marketing


We are B2B, SEO + Content Marketing specialists.

We help businesses increase organic traffic that converts, so you have a sustainable lead engine.

Tailored SEO Strategy


A ‘cookie cutter’ approach to SEO is a recipe for disaster.

We implement a strategy tailored to your industry and business goals so you can see your search results climb.    

Results Driven SEO


We took our enterprise project management software client from relying on PPC, to primarily generating organic leads through content marketing.

We delivered a 260% increase in leads, landing them big clients such as Apple, Nike and BlueScope Steel.

Paid Marketing is like Steroids 💉 while SEO is like going to the Gym 💪

Building an organic audience should be your number 1 long term marketing strategy.


Why? Because building an organic audience that land on YOUR website based on THEIR searches is the most consistent and sustainable way to grow your audience base.


While paid marketing and other marketing channels have their place, they very rarely have the long term effects that optimised SEO and a powerful blog can deliver.


Think of it with this analogy, paid marketing is an immediate steroid boost to drive sales. While it may give you immediate results and return, you’re going to have to keep injecting yourself to ensure you’re making sales.


Optimising for SEO through content marketing, on the other hand, is like training at the gym. Growth might be slower and incremental, but the results are more sustainable and everlasting- with your content assets driving traffic and revenue to your website for months and years on end. 


In reality, it’s important to use a combination of both, and we at Growth Ganik understand that very well.

Our Services

Content and Blog Marketing

  1. Real-time, data-driven contracting
  2. Collaboration and negotiation across teams
  3. Business systems integrations

Content and Blog Marketing

We are some of the best in the game in content and blogging strategy. We can turn your blog into a traffic and money generating machine.

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Backlinking and Off-Page

We focus on a high-quality, low-quantity backlinking strategy to give your on-page content a helping hand.

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SEO Audit

Looking for a second pair of eyes to see if you have your on-page and technical elements are set up properly? Let us help.

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Website Design and Development

If you have traffic coming to your website, you want to make sure they do what you want. We’ve built countless B2B websites that are built to convert and generate you leads.

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Our Success Stories

How We Drove a 260% Increase in Leads for Saviom Software

Saviom Software is a software organisation with enterprise-level solutions in the resource and project management vertical. Saviom’s tools are targeted toward medium to large-sized organisations (companies with a 100+ headcount) and cater across industries with a particular focus on companies in accounting, consulting and engineering.

How Sorry, I was on Mute Grew to 50k Users per Month

Hi there! I’m Aakash Gupta, a seasoned marketing consultant, and the guy who decided to use an oft-uttered phrase as a name for my website. I started Sorry, I was on Mute in April 2020 with the intent to write content that benefits those who work remotely, whether you’re experienced, or completely new to it.

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