15 Best SaaS Website Designs to Boost your Firm’s Online Visibility


Software as a service (SaaS) has become one of the fast-growing market segments, and the demand for B2B SaaS providers is increasing. With this growing demand, there comes the need to use the best SaaS website designs so that you can stand out. There are hundreds of elements that can be added to a SaaS website to make it appealing and attractive. Be it the stunning graphics, unique typography, responsive images, or catchy CTA – using specific elements that align with your brand can help boost overall impact. 

In this post, we’ll take you through 115 SaaS website designs that inspired us. We hope these designs will appeal to you too. 

1. What Is a SaaS Website?

A SaaS website shows potential customers what the product has to offer, its features, cost, specifications, and who it is for. It should clearly communicate what the product is and who can use it. It helps you reach a wider audience and communicates your services and values to potential customers. With many SaaS websites onboard, it is crucial to design a stunning SaaS website that gives a great user experience and, at the same time, ranks higher on SERPs. 

2. Best Practices to Design a SaaS Website 

  • Responsive design

Having a responsive website that fits into screens of all sizes can help with SERP rankings and enhance customer experience. It should be consistent across different devices such as – tablets, smartphones, laptops/desktops. Ensure the website is appealing and gives a great user experience when used on devices of various sizes. 

  • Navigation

Your SaaS website should be accessible and easy to navigate. Make sure to streamline the conversion process from the landing page to the payment gateway to improve conversion rates. Also, you must ensure your SaaS website is accessible to your customers and visually appealing. 

  • Call-To-Action

Call-to-action is an influential factor to consider in SaaS website designs. If your website lacks a catchy CTA such as – ‘start a free trial,’ ‘free signup,’ ‘subscribe,’ ‘know more,’ or ‘download,’- you should anticipate low conversion rates. Make sure to add CTAs at the top and bottom to encourage visitors to move to the next stage of the sales funnel.  

  • Testimonials

Feedback and testimonials work like referrals and help build customers’ trust. A testimonials section on your home page strengthens the emotional bond between your customers and the company. It can be in the form of – reports, statistics, logos, or even technical quotes. Your prospects will be better convinced by the stats you show on your website. 

3. 15 Best SaaS Websites to Inspire You

3.1 HubSpot


HubSpot is an integrated marketing automation platform for marketing, sales, and operations. It is often considered one of the best SaaS website designs because of its unique design and elements. HubSpot features a minimalist design with great navigation, animated icons and CTAs that encourage visitors to explore different pages. Visitors know precisely where to proceed next when they land on the website. 

The best thing about design is that it is not overloaded with text, and the interface seems comprehensive. The points mentioned on the homepage help differentiate the product from its competitors and enhance the user experience seamlessly.  

3.2 Mailchimp

MailChimp has one of the best SaaS website designs with excellent illustrations and features you can expect from a fully functional email marketing platform. With easy-to-view structure and well-organised content, they used white spaces, fonts, and colours very well across the website. The home page has two specific paths that encourage the visitor to take his/her step towards conversion.  

As you navigate the website, you’re taken on a descriptive journey of their services and features. The overall design is divided into bold and cohesive sections with rich colours and typography and is visually appealing.

3.3 ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that allows you to create, organise, and monitor various project-related activities. You can count it in if you are looking for a stunning and powerful SaaS website. In terms of UI design and aesthetics, ClickUp is very crisp. When you visit the website, a signup box appears, with eye-catching font and bold colour – making it easier to read the text. 

The plus point is the white space that’s been very well used across all the pages to build focal points and direct the visitor’s attention to specific sections. We loved the way they used different elements, such as the signup box, features, CTA, and functionalities on their home page. 

3.4 Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a powerful web analytics tool that gives insights into the key metrics on your website. The colour palette(blue and white), images, graphics, and fonts make their website stand out. The striking illustration of the ‘dashboard’ on the home screen is sure to grab the visitor’s attention. The website has multiple images that tell a story but aren’t too distracting and invites the visitors to know more about the product.  

The ‘free trial’ and ‘request demo’ on the homepage encourage the target audience to try the product before making a purchase. The testimonials act as social proof, as a result of which Kissmetrics can drive more conversions.  

3.5 Slack


Slack is an instant messaging platform for small, medium and large enterprises that bring team collaboration to one place. The best thing about this SaaS website design is the ‘magic link’ that allows users to log in on new devices without using their passwords. 

The website isn’t just visually compelling but dynamic, with a catalogue of high-quality content The bold colour schema and hierarchy contribute to the brand’s mission and allows you to explore the company’s primary offerings. The messaging and typography are very simple yet powerful. Whether it is because of stunning images or graphics, the users can easily engage with the content on the site. 

3.6 Intercom

Intercom is a powerful messaging platform that makes it easier for businesses to connect with their customers at the right time and place. The home page has minimal elements that convey the message clearly without distracting the users from the core product value. 

Like many other SaaS website designs, Intercom’s home page is filled with testimonials and social proof that help the user decide. The intuitive, clean, and user-friendly design helps the visitor to navigate the pages and find relevant content easily. The white letters against the navy blue header allow the copy to pop and provide an immersive experience to the visitors. 

3.7 Evernote

Evernote is a task management and note-taking app that helps professionals to arrange their ideas. Its website has plenty of engaging and informative content with catchy headlines such as “Remember everything” and “Find your productivity happy place”, which instantly grabs visitors’ attention. 

Moreover, they organised everything pretty well with a minimalistic design, attractive graphics, and white spaces. In addition, the website is well balanced with large titles to grab your attention across from short descriptions with a green CTA.  This is a fantastic example of the best SaaS website designs that manage to keep things simple and serve the primary purpose. 

3.8 Pipe

Pipe is a global trading platform for SaaS companies to generate recurring revenue streams in real-time. This rapidly growing SaaS platform is clean and has minimal designs. The homepage features multiple features such as social proof, potential concerns, CTA, and product benefits to hook a visitor for a long time on the website. 

The black background, smooth animations, dashboards, and geometric designs make the page look natural as we scroll down and reach the end of the page. A balance of negative space and high-quality visuals added elegance to the website. From a technical perspective, we’d put this SaaS website in the top 10 categories for how each element is organised on its homepage. 

3.9 Typeform 

Typeform is an online form-builder platform that helps you build visually appealing and captivating forms. The website design is straightforward, with a light grey background and a well-organised menu – Products, Templates, Integrations, and Resources. 

There are no illustrations on the home screen, except for the product features and a catchy CTA. What makes the website stand out is the diverse content – products, integrations, templates, resources, and enterprise. As you scroll down, it becomes engaging with impressive case studies, how it works, and testimonials sections. 

3.10 Notion


Notion is one of the best project management platforms that lets you organise your notes the way you want. With an intuitive SaaS website design, this platform makes it easier to create custom layouts and arrange notes in an organised manner. The clean design and attractive layout make navigation easy. 

The black-and-white illustrations and minimalist designs make a creative impression while providing an easy-to-view backdrop for content  across the pages. Also, the feedback section in a well-structured layout helps establish more credibility..  

3.11 Stripe

Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments seamlessly. This is another in the category of best SaaS website designs with a comprehensive interface and well-structured information. In addition, the language and tone across the website generate a sense of curiosity about the product. 

Besides a clever copy, the clean design and interactive elements help visitors understand how easy it is to use. Overall, the text throughout the website is playful, with multiple colours and a logically designed homepage and CTAs that range from “Start Now”, “Start with Payments”, “Read the Docs”,  and ”Contact Sales”. 

3.12 Help Scout

Help Scout is a live chat and help centre software that gives the required tools to manage your customers. As you open the website, you will see some good animations effectively designed to capture the user’s attention. Whether it is the Home page or the About us page, every page answers the basic questions the visitors have about their brand. 

From friendly visuals to customer quotes and product shots, there is plenty of diverse content that is equally engaging and keeps the visitor on the website for a long time.  Ultimately, the website is designed with a strong focus on detailing and a compelling story.  

3.13 Gusto

Gusto is a web-based payroll solution provider for small, medium and large businesses. Many companies worldwide are using it to streamline their payroll and HR processes. This SaaS website helps the visitors navigate across the website easily by adding multiple sections on the home page – “learn how Gusto works”, “How it works”, “Pricing Plans”, “payroll taxes”, and “create account”. 

The price and features option on the home page gives cost-sensitive visitors a reason to stay on the website. Also, using smart designs and navigation is a clever way to provide visitors with more information. 

3.14 Tableau

Tableau is an interactive data visualisation software that helps you represent data in pictorial and graphical form. As you browse the website, you will find a clean interface that presents the features of its product to the users clearly. The homepage greets visitors with an appealing mix of colours that are easy on the eyes and serve and easy-to-find elements like buttons, text boxes, search bars, and icons. 

It has a products and solutions page where they highlight its services in an easy way to the users. We liked the ‘Try Tableau for Free’ feature that encourages users to sign up for the free trial. All you need to do is fill in the required fields on the form, and you can try it for free. 

3.15 Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that provides secure file sharing, collaboration, and storage solutions to keep your files organised and keep work moving. The colours, fonts, and graphics are very attractive. 

The website is enriched with asymmetric text elements and simple animations.. The illustrations of “How you will use DropBox”, a screenshot of the dashboard, and dark background piques the curiosity of visitors to dive in further.  We also love the concise information they share on marketing and selling their products on the homepage.

 4. FAQS

  • What Makes a Great SaaS Website?

A SaaS website with good site architecture, navigation, CTA and responsive design help visitors move through the stages of awareness. 

  • How to structure your SaaS website?

You can structure your SaaS website by adding elements like – use cases, product features, benefits, customer stories, CTA, company information, team, and case studies. 

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