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SaaS marketing centers around promoting and building awareness for SaaS companies and their software products. Since Covid-19, the online business sphere has seen explosive growth, having positively influenced SaaS companies and created a growing need for SaaS marketing agencies in Australia. Interestingly, combined SaaS revenue in Australia is estimated to reach $3.68 billion in 2022, marking a growing trend in SaaS market growth.

SaaS marketing can generate amazing results for your software service, like improved online presence, increased product sales, and refined customer acquisition rates. To learn more about SaaS marketing and the top SaaS marketing agencies in Australia who specialize in it, read below.  

1. What is SaaS Marketing? 

‘SaaS marketing’ in Australia or around the world is the process of B2B / B2C marketing of SaaS products, via multiple marketing channels and social media platforms. In the short-term, SaaS marketing generally aims to drive maximum traffic to your webpage and social media pages and convince potential clients to make purchases. 

Long-term, SaaS marketing firms aim to create fresh new content for your company’s social media accounts and launch periodic ad campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate sales. These strategies help in improving customer engagement, improving brand image, and increasing your product’s market share in your particular niche. 

In a survey done to assess the impacts of digital marketing during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, companies revealed that digital marketing contributed an average of 32.7% to the companies’ positive performance

2. What is a SaaS Marketing Agency?

A SaaS marketing agency provides various marketing services to SaaS companies. Some well-known SaaS companies include Adobe, Cisco, and Microsoft, having unique software products such as creative media applications from Adobe, network security software from Cisco, and a suite of quality of life applications from Microsoft, including Office 365 and Teams. 

Top SaaS marketing firms drive growth and product outreach through SEO, creative content creation, ad running services, social media management, and even shooting advertisements for social media. These services aim to target one main growth factor: traffic on your website. To avail these services, it is important to know how to choose the right one that works for you from some of the best SaaS marketing agencies in Australia.

3. How to Choose a SaaS Marketing Agency?

To choose a SaaS marketing agency in Australia, look for certain qualifiers such as:

  • Experience – have they been in the marketing field for a considerable amount of time? 
  • Services – Do they offer a variety of services that could suit your needs? 
  • Pricing – Do they offer these services at a reasonable price? 

Experience is a good indicator of satisfactory end-results, therefore aim to target firms that have a demonstrable portfolio of quality work with clients, and make sure to identify if they offer particular services that you need. 

4. What do SaaS Marketing Agencies Offer?

4.1 Lead Generation

The best SaaS marketing agency in Australia will offer working strategies for generating leads for your business. Lead generation involves marketing creative content to targeted audiences that – through data acquisition and analysis – rank high in the probability of converting into a sale. 

At this stage, marketing agencies run awareness campaigns to attract potential customers and incentivise them into sharing personal details such as names, emails, and phone numbers, to target again later. 

4.2 Customer Acquisition

A top SaaS marketing agency in Australia will be well-equipped to deliver high ROI for your company by delivering competitive customer acquisition strategies.

These SaaS marketing firms specialize in acquiring customers for your business. After all, that’s what you’ll pay them for. They generally follow a ‘funneled’ approach towards customer acquisition, which follows a routine of generating product awareness amid a target audience, followed by marketing your product’s key features, and lastly, incentivising engaged audience members to make a purchase through another round of specialized ads.

4.3 PPC Ads

PPC Ads is another marketing channel that top SaaS companies in Australia use to drive traffic to your website and influence more sales. Pay-Per-Click Ads are a way to feature your website at the top of a search engine’s query result. They are one of the most successful marketing tools, whose success is indicated by a whopping 260 billion USD spent in 2022, and a 10.85% annual growth in forecast ad spend. 

You can often find such PPC Ads at the top of a search results page as a website link with a small ‘ad’ indicator besides them. 

4.4 SEO

Another marketing channel is search engine optimization, a technique used by top SaaS companies in Australia to rank your website as high as possible for search queries made on the internet. If your website doesn’t make it to Google’s first query results page, it may never see much traffic inflow, since according to a study by Chitika, 91.5% of people never go beyond the first page, and only 4.8% of people ever go beyond. 

4.5 Content Marketing

SaaS marketing firms in Australia drive traffic to websites through creative content marketing as well. These same marketing agencies will also create content ready to be run as social media ads, and monitor their performances to better inform following ad campaigns. 

What sets SaaS marketing agencies apart is how they consistently monitor and analyze performance data so campaigns can be optimized to reach your product’s best, most suitable audience.

5. 8 Best SaaS Marketing Agencies in Australia

To see who is the best marketing company in Australia, we had to narrow down our list to the 8 best SaaS marketing agencies found in the oceanic area. We believe you can be the judge of who is the best, so let’s start with:

5.1 You & Co

You & CO

You & Co is a SaaS marketing agency based in Sydney and Brisbane, bringing content creatives, sales experts, designers, and marketers all under one roof to provide clients with a full-fledged marketing service that covers all their needs and more. 

You & Co’s marketing experts strive to understand their client’s business first and market it second. They learn more about your business’s marketing struggles by posing the right questions and identifying bubbling issues that need to be addressed. 

With a suite of services on offer, including website creation, content creation, and funnel optimization, they employ a SaaS-centric approach to marketing, focusing not only on standard funnel practices, including awareness, consideration, and conversion, but also post purchase retention, renewal, and advocacy for long-term customer management. 

5.2 Farsiight


Farsiight is a SaaS marketing agency in Australia that specializes in Performance Marketing and Creatives for social media. The company follows a mindset that values specialization over generalization, therefore, Farsiight is committed to offering expert service in a few key areas including PPC Ads and social advertising. 

Farsiight’s marketing team is particularly distinguished in running social media advertisements, and well versed in working with Google Ads, Instagram & Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Google Display Ads. 

With 50+ 5 star reviews on Clutch, and case studies outlining how Farsiight delivered brilliant results for clients, it is truly a contender for the best marketing company in Brisbane, Australia!   

5.3 Contevo


Contevo leverages its team of expert digital marketers to deliver a wide array of marketing solutions across multiple channels, including SEO, social media advertising, and PPC Ads for your business. They catapult up-and-coming startups, as well as established enterprises into generating large amounts of leads within months. Examples of such ROI include delivering 9x return on ad spend for A Bit Hippy, and 130% increase in traffic for Porsche

Furthermore, they are trusted by companies like Disney, Swarovski, and Goodyear, owing to their unwavering commitment to a results-driven approach, and maximum ROI for clients. These credentials certainly cement Contevo’s legacy as a top SaaS marketing agency in Australia.

Contevo is based in Melbourne. 

5.4 Owendenny


Owendenny is a SaaS marketing agency in Australia that is unlike any other we have featured yet. They set themselves apart by discussing a unique approach to digital marketing, one which is driven by human psychology. Their marketing team focuses on understanding their clients’ targeted audience from a psychoanalytic perspective and researches their deepest desires, needs, and habits to structure an audience-centric marketing strategy that never fails to deliver. 

Owendenny’s marketing team is also skilled in social media marketing, leveraging Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads to place high quality, high ROI advertisements. Furthermore, Owendenny’s director, Dean, promises to deliver his company’s services for free if they fail to live up to clients’ goals, till those goals are met!

Owendenny is based in Melbourne, and is one of the top SaaS marketing agencies in Australia.

5.5 Shoutdigital


Shoutdigital is a well established SaaS marketing agency in Australia, headquartered in Melbourne, and spread across all major capital cities, including Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. 

Shoutdigital’s business model relies on an X-chart analysis, which is a forecast of your business’s 3, 6, and 12 month sales just from a 30-minute consultation with you. They claim to guarantee real-world results reflecting these long-term predictions right from the get-go, which tells you how confident they are in their marketing ability. 

Shoutdigital’s marketing team utilizes an omnichannel marketing approach, which leverages SEO, paid social media advertisements, content creation, and high-performance lead generation, making it a real contender for the top SaaS companies in Australia.

5.6 HAT media

Hat Media

HAT media specializes in B2B sales strategies and primarily serves SaaS companies to make sure they see recurring revenue and increased year-on-year growth. 

Following an Account-based Marketing strategy, HAT media offer a unique service to SaaS companies looking for recurring business clients that target specific businesses through hyper-personalized marketing strategies. These strategies are developed by creating a list of businesses to approach for a sales pitch, then through vigorous research and data analysis, an individualized marketing approach is conceived for every target account, making sure to deliver positive results in as low as 6 months.

HAT media is a SaaS marketing agency based in Sydney.

5.7 The Walk

The Walk

The Walk is a digital media house located in Melbourne, providing all kinds of marketing services, whether they be digital, in-print, events, and SEO. The Walk is an agency that can understand and adapt to marketing bottlenecks and deliver successful marketing solutions

From a wide suite of marketing possibilities to choose from, ranging from content and creative marketing to B2B and email marketing, The Walk has all the customer acquisition solutions you will ever need. The company also boasts a fully functional, in-house creative media department that can create full-fledged video ads, from ideation to execution. They also provide animation, graphic design, and interactive media experiences to elevate creative marketing content. 

5.8 Bapple 


Bapple is a SaaS marketing agency in Australia, focused on delivering exceptional UX designs for clients’ websites. Since 2006, Bapple has been perfecting the art of User Experience, cultivating a team of creative geniuses who understand how to make memorable websites, with great, intuitive functionality, driving business sales and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Having worked with names big and small, including Hyundai, UNHCR, and IXL, Bapple is experienced and uniquely positioned to handle your company’s web pages, not only working on UX and UI but also on search engine optimization.

Bapple is a SaaS marketing agency based in Sydney. 

6. FAQs

  • Which is the best SaaS marketing company in Australia?

Who is the best marketing company in Australia is a difficult question to answer, since many of the above-mentioned SaaS marketing agencies in Australia offer unique, specialized services targeted to specific client needs. However, our list of the best SaaS marketing agencies in Australia is a good reference for the top SaaS companies in the country.

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