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How We Drove a 260% Increase in Leads for Saviom Software

March 1, 2022 - Aakash Gupta

How We Drove a 260% Increase in Leads for Saviom Software

Saviom Software is a software organisation with enterprise-level solutions in the resource and project management vertical. Saviom’s tools are targeted toward medium to large-sized organisations (companies with a 100+ headcount) and cater across industries with a particular focus on companies in accounting, consulting and engineering.

The Challenge

Saviom primarily generated its leads through Google AdWords, targeting highly competitive keywords such as ‘resource management software’ and ‘resource scheduling software’. While these generated a healthy number of good quality leads, the team hit a ceiling while their cost per lead (CPL) continued to increase. 

They quickly realized that they needed to focus on SEO and create an organic presence to help drive their CPL down. And while they had invested in SEO efforts in the past- with a semi-active blog and a few lead magnets (blogs and whitepapers), they had never fully invested in an organic SEO strategy.

The Solution

To build a hard-hitting, healthy organic inbound lead funnel, we started by conducting a thorough audit of their entire website to identify gaps. We found out that Saviom was already performing strongly for some of its primary keywords, including ‘resource management software, but we found several missed opportunities for long-tail keywords and surrounding topics, for example, ‘what is resource management?’. We also found a library of existing blogs and eBooks that had great potential but weren’t ranking as well as they could have done..  

Our next step was to build a roadmap for filling these gaps and establishing Saviom as a thought leader in the resource and project management space. 

We identified and then implement the following tactics: 

  1. Identified 12 key blog posts – We found that 12 blog posts were required: 8 on new topics and 4 revamps of existing blog posts. We also decided to redesign Saviom’s lead magnets to improve the ebook conversion rate. 
  2. Improved user navigation – We made recommendations for improving the navigation of the blog pages in order to create a greater focus on the desired actions readers should take on each page. We also made it easier for readers to navigate to product pages from the blog.. And we increased internal linking between posts, especially for the older blogs that already had authority. Finally, we added a pop-up widget that encourages users to download an ebook as they begin to leave the site. 
  3. Remarketing – We added a remarketing link to convert users that had already navigated through the website. This was easy to implement given Saviom’s history of using Google AdWords.

The Result

Once we had updated and launched the new blog posts, Saviom immediately saw a surge in its organic traffic, which jumped by 200% within a month. 

While an increase in traffic generally also means a jump in bounce rate, the navigation improvements, widget pop-ups and remarketing efforts helped keep the bounce rate down. 

The number of organic leads grew slowly at first but skyrocketed during our last month of engagement – increasing by 260% between January and March 2021. 

Saviom invested in organic content marketing and it truly paid off. 

See how we can do the same for you. Are you ready to transform your blog into a lead generating machine?

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