15 Creative Digital Marketing Templates to Grow your Business


Are you struggling to keep up with your digital marketing strategy? Want to streamline your marketing efforts? According to the coschedule, organized marketers will have 39% higher chances of achieving their goals. Digital marketing templates can help create a meaningful marketing strategy with actionable marketing activities. Creating an effective digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming, given that there are many dynamic elements. That’s why many companies rely on digital marketing templates to boost their marketing efforts.. 

This post will take you through 15 best digital marketing templates to streamline your digital marketing strategy and grow your business. 

1. What Are Templates in Digital Marketing?

Templates in digital marketing are pre-designed documents that can be used to create an integrated digital marketing plan including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and more, to attract and convert buyers in the digital age. Digital marketing templates enable online marketers to create functional and straightforward marketing plans in a structured way. These plans in turn will help you in getting quantifiable and measurable results. 

Here are some of reasons to use digital marketing templates – 

  • If you are a business owner, you can focus more on the strategic goals of your business
  • If you are a marketer, you can concentrate on the marketing objectives and win over competitors
  • If you are a beginner in digital marketing, you can practice and hone your skills

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer – digital marketing templates help you strategize your digital marketing objectives, from content creation to reporting. 

2. What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Templates?

Digital marketing templates give you a checklist of the key digital marketing activities for growth. Using these ready-made templates to plan and measure the comprehensive coverage of digital marketing activities increases leads and sales across the customer lifecycle. 

From streamlining the campaigns to finding quick and actionable insights, one can use these templates to gauge their performance and boost results at every marketing funnel stage. Here are the key benefits of digital marketing templates – 

  • Easy to Customize 

The best digital marketing templates allow for easy changes and adjustments so that one can use them to meet organizational requirements. You can easily incorporate a logo, brand name, color schema, etc., to increase your brand visibility and stand out from the competition. 

  • Saves a Lot of Time 

Using automated digital marketing templates saves a lot of time and effort. They are the best option, if you have items like – strategy, invoice, reports, ect that you use on a consistent basis.  One can then use this time to implement the marketing strategies, optimize campaigns, analyze data, and more. 

  • Avoid Mistakes 

Since most direct marketing templates sync with direct sources to record and update information on the latest metrics for their campaigns, there is minimal scope for errors that may arise from manually entering metric data. Most digital templates automatically update with the latest metrics from the data sources, keeping the team from entering the data manually. These reduce the chances of human error since they draw information directly from the source. 

  • Maintain Consistency 

Everytime you generate a new report and share it with relevant stakeholders and team members, they need to parse through the data which can be time consuming. You’ll have uniformity in your reports and easy readability when you choose a standard template for every type of marketing channel

  • Get Better Results 

Creating a template will give you a huge advantage in reporting. For example, if you are using an SEO report template, you’ll probably have KPIs like – sessions, landing pages, keywords, bounce rate, and conversions.    

With these benefits in mind, we have compiled the 15 best digital marketing templates you can start using today.

3. 15 Creative Digital Marketing Templates to Grow Your Business

3.1 Digital Marketing     

When it comes to digital marketing, we can relate to the saying, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” A central marketing plan is a foundation for all marketing activities. It prompts you to think about every part of the project – goals, creative assets, budget constraints, projected ROI, team, stakeholders, etc. The main objective of these templates is to enable you to create detailed and actionable digital marketing plans based on your current performance and goals.

Create a winning digital marketing strategy with Maple – the ultimate marketing template. With this digital marketing plan template, you can focus on specific activities and get them done well. It is an all-in-one digital marketing template using which one can keep the marketing activities relevant to their business objectives. 


The template includes – SEO, social media optimization, competitor analysis, content strategy, market analysis, budget planning, calculators, smart tables, and more.

This digital marketing plan template allows you to outline your company’s marketing strategy coherently and straightforwardly. Download this free digital marketing plan template in Word and start creating your marketing strategy. Additionally, you can use this template to establish a global presence through online channels such as – social media, organic/paid search, advertising, and so on. 


It includes sections for business summary, business initiatives, target market, budget, marketing channels, and marketing technology

This template by Smart Insights will give a structure to create an integrated marketing plan for your business. One can review their marketing effort using the RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, and Engage) framework aimed at customers for every stage of the customer lifecycle to build customer loyalty. Using the ready-made template, one can plan and measure comprehensive coverage of digital marketing activities to increase leads and sales. 


It includes refining dashboards, current work on digital channels, future objectives, customer acquisition, conversion, long term engagement, conversions, marketing campaigns, content marketing, SEO etc.

3.2 Search Engine Optimization Templates

Search Engine Optimization Templates

SEO templates provide specific recommendations to build new content on the website and improve organic search results. An SEO template is a blueprint for organizing and creating web pages so your website ranks well on SERPs. For example, it might help with keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, SEO audit checklist, blog posts, link building, CTR spreadsheet, etc. 

With this SEO template, you can organize the on-page SEO strategy, implement essential SEO elements, coordinate pages and keywords, track changes and results in one place, etc. Optimizing your website requires adding relevant keywords, internal and external linking, and other directives to help drive organic traffic. Download this template and start optimizing your SEO efforts.  


It allows you to track on-page SEO elements such as title tag, meta tag, meta description, word count, keywords, and more. 

The SEO strategy template available in PDA, Word, and Docs helps you define the target audience, make a plan for creating content, keyword research, backlink building, etc. In addition, it includes a detailed list of activities you need to do to get higher rankings. Download the template and implement your SEO strategy with clear guidance.  


It includes multiple sections like – overview of target audience, topics, keywords, content plan, link building, SEO goals, and KPIs. 

3.3 PPC Strategy Template

PPC Strategy Template

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the model of digital marketing in which the advertisers are charged when someone clicks on their ads. Search engine advertising is one of the popular forms of PPC that help you drive instant traffic to your website. Developing a solid action plan before jumping straight into building campaigns is necessary. PPC strategy templates provide an end-to-end master plan to run successful PPC campaigns. 

This PPC strategy template helps you strategize the campaign by outlining the objectives such as what the audience, targeting, structure, messaging should be and how to work on them. The first step to creating an effective PPC strategy is to look into the current business and take necessary measures to fill the gap. For a successful PPC plan, you don’t need to think of your business goals but consider the objectives of the PPC campaign. Some of the goals include – increasing sales, generating leads, raising brand awareness, increasing traffic to the website, etc. 


It includes sections like – objectives, goals, measurement, audience, targeting, structure, creative, analysis, optimization etc.

3.4 Social Media Marketing Templates

Social Media Marketing Templates

Have you ever wished for a shortcut to manage your social media handles? Well, social media marketing templates will help you set your marketing goals, boost campaigns, measure your performance, analyze competitors, and do much more. One can use different types of templates like – editorial calendar publishing schedules, influencer marketing templates, visual social media templates, copywriting templates, content calendars, etc., to plan and implement a highly engaging social media strategy. 

This template from Backlino helps businesses plan, organize and implement a perfect strategy that will increase engagement, generate more leads, boost conversions and drive actual business results. Download this template, fill in the details, implement strategies from the template, and stay organized with your social media marketing efforts. 


It includes sections like –  social media goals, KPIs, social networks, competitive research, additional social networks, engagement plan, promotion, tools, etc. 

Smartsheet offers the best social media plan templates to boost your marketing efforts. Pick from any of the templates like – social media content calendar, social media marketing strategy, social media audit, etc. These templates can make planning, managing, capturing, and reporting more manageable. For example, the social media planning calendar template can help you plan your daily and weekly posts. It also has hourly schedules for multiple networks to track customer engagement, linked content and images.  


It includes multiple templates for social media strategy, editorial plan, content plan, posting plan, multichannel plan, social media schedule, social media audit etc

3.5 Content Marketing Templates

Build your marketing activities, strategies, and goals, and measure the performance using content marketing templates. These templates enable you to focus on the critical operations that drive actionable business results. For instance, the content strategy creation template helps you organize the key goals, such as – workflows, themes, guidelines, etc., on every piece of content. From blog posts to infographics, email newsletters, video scripts, guest posts, and social media content – you can develop each piece of content thoughtfully. 

This template from SEMRush provides recommendations and ideas on how you can build new content on your website to boost SEO and drive organic traffic. To use this template, type a keyword or group of keywords you want to focus on. You will get a list of 10 competitors ranking for the same keyword. It further generates actionable recommendations on writing such as – word count, video usage, semantically related keywords, H1, and text. You can export this template and use it for future reference. 


One can automate the creation of SEO content with key recommendations, basic recommendations, list of websites to get backlinks from, readability score, text length, semantically related keywords, etc. 

Content marketing templates from HubSpot help you create consistent content for the audience. You can use it to analyze the content marketing efforts, define buyer persona, map the content marketing objectives and KPIs, and do much more. Using this template, you can decide the best content channels, choose the content types, create a content calendar, and plan the work with a timeline.  


It includes sections liek – content channels, target audience, buyer persona, content calendar and more. 

Gantt offers a customized and downloadable content marketing plan template to streamline your content marketing activities. With a predefined structure, one can strategize their content in such a way that it drives meaningful business results. All you need to do is choose from dozens of ready-made templates with predefined tasks for industries like – construction, software, retail, manufacturing, etc. and start planning the content. 


It includes excel/google spreadsheet with columns like WBS number, task name/title, planned start date, planned end date, deadline, progress%, duration, time logs, status, priority etc.

3.6 Email Marketing Template

Many businesses use emails in their marketing campaigns, and they create wonders. However, they are the best when it comes to cold marketing. Email marketing templates are pre-written or pre-formatted templates that can be used to replace their content. These templates allow marketers to send winning emails that capture the user’s attention. Templates are helpful at different stages, from building relationships with prospects to generating leads and current customers.  

Mailchimp, one of the best marketing automation platforms, offers plenty of email marketing templates to simplify creating emails. One can customize the email templates and even use their design tools to create eye-catching emails. Whether you want to sell a product, make an announcement, give an update or engage the audience with newsletters – you can do it easily using the email marketing templates. Find a suitable template and customize it using your logo, color scheme, text, etc. 


It offers free and premium templates in categories like – E-commerce, events, holiday, newsletters, notifications, photography, stationery, subscriber alerts and more.

Create your videos in minutes with pre-designed video marketing templates to improve conversions for your marketing campaign. Marketing video creation is a time-consuming process, because of which many rely on other forms of content. Using video marketing templates, one can streamline their video creation process and create informative videos with just a few clicks. 

3.7 Video Marketing Templates

Video Marketing Templates

Make awesome professional videos in minutes with Biteable video marketing templates. Add your logo, text, and images, and choose some colors to create high-quality videos. Jump-start your creativity by using predesigned templates. Whether it is a TV ad, marketing ad, invitation, explainer, new blog post, or event promo -you can choose from hundreds of video marketing templates on Biteable. 


It includes templates in various categories such as animated, announcement, birthday, charity, commercials, corporate, explainer, education, funny, holiday & event, marketing etc. 

Create animated videos for marketing, internal communication, promotion, and related activists using the video templates on Wideo. The pre-built templates help you create videos in no time. You can choose from hundreds of templates and boost your organization’s bottom line. It is an ideal platform for marketing professionals, SMBs, and digital agencies who want to quickly produce engaging and informative videos. 


It offers hundreds of templates like – website demo video, business presentation, real estate video, e-commerce video, youtube intro video, business intro video and more. 

3.8 Reporting Template

Client reporting is one of the essential elements of marketing that help you build and maintain relationships with clients. Reporting templates allow you to share the reports in a clean and organized way. You can pick from hundreds of professional report templates to delight your clients and grow your business. So whether you want to keep track of marketing data, campaign performance, audience engagement, or website traffic – report templates make your work easier. 

Create compelling reports using the templates on Visme much quicker and easier. There are a wide range of options to choose from, such as – past campaign analysis reports, marketing reports, customer service reports, budget reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, and more. Pick a suitable template and customize it according to your business needs. 


One can pick templates in various categories like – presentation, infographics, social media graphics, videos, proposals, book covers, booklets, brochures, business cards, cover letters, invoices, lead magazines, newsletter etc. 

4. FAQs

  • What is a marketing template?

A marketing template is a pre-designed design or document that helps you streamline your marketing activities. They allow you to plan, manage, and organize your strategy to meet your business objectives. 

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