Digital Marketing for Construction Companies – 10 Practical Ways to Drive Growth


Like many industries, construction companies have experienced their fair share of challenges due to ever-evolving marketing trends. Digital marketing for construction companies is a valuable asset to build online authority and drive business growth. However, many companies have not yet leveraged the power of digital marketing in construction industry. 

In this post, we’ll take you through some practical ways to use digital marketing for construction companies to generate more leads and grow their business.  

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1. How Does Digital Marketing for Construction Companies Help Drive Growth?

Digital marketing practices allow construction companies to boost sales by making them more visible to potential customers. Any growing business can benefit from a solid online presence in terms of growth, visibility, competition, etc. Here is how digital marketing helps construction companies drive growth. 

  • Expand Geographical Reach

With digital marketing for construction companies, one can expand their business to reach new locations without terrestrial hurdles. Moreover, one can set up digital marketing campaigns in no time and target the kind of audience without any hassle. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, referral marketing, influencer marketing, etc are some examples that help expand geographic reach.  

  • Build Brand Reputation

Digital marketing for construction industry plays a vital role in building a brand reputation. From earning the trust of end-users to building better relationships with consumers – digital marketing for construction companies helps you build a strong and trustworthy brand name. There are many opportunities to build a brand reputation by leveraging the power of online marketing. One can maintain their brand reputation by giving their customers a good online experience, monitoring connections on social media, and handling negative comments and feedback efficiently, 

For instance, Bertucci Contracting Company which builds flood control and coastal restoration along the Gulf Coast, made their brand identity by offering quality services consistently.

  • Generate Qualified Leads

An effective digital marketing plan for construction can generate qualified leads like homeowners, commercial property dealers, property rental agencies, etc. Social media presence plays a vital role in customer acquisition and retention. You can amplify your digital marketing strategy for construction company by investing in paid advertising like – Google ads, YouTube, Instagram, etc. According to sources, companies that invest in digital marketing have 2.8 times the chances of increasing their sales and revenue. 

  • Improved ROI

Compared to traditional marketing, digital strategies are cost-effective and help measure the results. Based on this, companies can change the strategy that boosts their ROI. The higher the traffic, the more the leads, conversions, and sales. For example, Jasper Contractors, a leading construction company in Florida achieved 15X more on their spending by opting for an ad budget optimization strategy. 

If you are ready to take digital marketing for construction industry seriously, schedule a meeting with a marketing agency for construction companies. They use the best digital marketing practices that meet your marketing and business objectives.  

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

Construction business owners used to get their leads through offline/traditional marketing methods. However, with many people turning towards digital channels, being digitally active has become a top priority for companies in almost all sectors. Some of the challenges construction companies face with traditional marketing include – 

  • Difficulty in reaching the target audience
  • Outdated marketing channels and tools
  • Not able to measure the marketing efforts
  • No option to send personalised messages
  • Difficult to present complex pricing options

However, one can overcome the challenges mentioned above with digital marketing for construction companies. They can – 

  • Reach the targeted audience effortlessly
  • Use the advanced marketing channels and tools 
  • Measure the digital marketing efforts and change the digital marketing strategy for construction company instantly
  • Connect with the target audience by sending personalised messages
  • Use dynamic content to convey the message
  • Get immediate response from buyers
  • Capture data to make better decisions

It doesn’t mean construction companies should completely abandon traditional marketing. For example, if the firm takes out a billboard ad, they should make sure they are accompanying social media advertising or mail marketing to nurture leads. 

2. 10 Practical Tips on Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

2.1 Start With a Dynamic Website

Whether you are a construction CMO seeking clientele or want to market your projects – your selection begins with a dynamic website. According to sources, 63% of consumers use a company’s website to find and engage with them. 

A construction website is an asset that builds your online credibility. If you don’t have a website with genuine testimonials, how will you get that construction project that asks for references? How does your customer know about your services? And, of course, how will you beat your competitors? 

So, the first step is to build a dynamic website with – about us, geographic information, contact details, blog, testimonials, case studies, live chat, images/videos of your work, subscription offers, social media, etc. 

WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Webflow, Squarespace, etc., are some of the best website builders for construction companies to build an engaging and interactive website. Hundreds of construction web templates online help you build a website for your construction company in easy steps. Below are the examples of construction company website templates  – 

The templates are 100% configurable, which means you can personalize your website to show the uniqueness of your company. As a result, the most effective construction company websites have a clean and professional look.  Here are some examples of well-designed construction company websites – 


The above websites offer a stimulating experience for the website visitors by leveraging responsive themes, well-written content, high-quality images, user-friendly CMS, detailed case studies, useful blogs, etc.

2.2 Optimize the Website for Search Engines

Now, that you have designed your construction company website, the next step is to optimize the construction company website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. With the right SEO strategy, you can attract more organic traffic and get more opportunities to convert potential customers. Here are some brief steps, to make sure your website is visible on Google. 

2.2.1 Get Google to Index Your Site 

Verify the domain on Google Search Console and submit your sitemap. This helps Google to index your website and navigate the pages. Once the domain is verified, link your website with Google Analytics to gauge the traffic. Go through the step-by-step instructions to get started with Analytics and Google Search Console. 

2.2.2 Keyword Research

Find highly relevant keywords that reflect the products and services of your construction company. Keyword research tools like SEMRush, Keyword Tool, Answer the Public, etc., are great for finding specific keywords in your domain. Then, incorporate the keywords in your website in relevant places like – the title tag, meta tag, meta description, and body of the content. 

For example, construction companies near me, general contractors near me, excavation companies, power construction, building contractors in the USA, home remodelling near me, etc. are some of the keywords in the construction industry with high search volume. 

2.2.3 High-Quality Content

Write high-quality and informative content on your construction company website that helps visitors know more about your company and your services. Enrich every page of your website with engaging content for target keywords. Additionally, update your blog page regularly with tips/tricks, how-to guides, latest trends, etc., for homeowners. Nearly 83% of consumers have a positive outlook on a construction company after reading or watching their content. 

2.2.4 Earn Quality Backlinks

Backlink acquisition is one of the crucial strategies of off-page SEO. Earn backlinks from relevant and high-authority websites to increase your website’s authority in the eyes of Google. For example, some popular sites to earn backlinks for your construction company website are – YourStory, Copyblogger, The Huffington Post, etc. 

2.3 Promote on Social Media

Regarding social media marketing, there is a misconception that no one cares about construction projects on Facebook or Instagram. But, in reality, social media marketing is another valuable tool in the arena of inbound marketing tactics to drive qualified leads and grow your brand. 

You can invest in social media marketing even if your construction company does not interact directly with homeowners or consumers. In a survey, nearly 90% of marketers say their social media marketing efforts have increased business exposure for their business. 

Getting the social media strategy right takes a lot of time and effort. The most challenging part for construction companies is to get started. However, one can promote their construction company on social media in simple steps. Start by setting a goal and pick the right platform to achieve your objective. 

Post content consistently to engage your followers on social media. For example, you can post photos of your projects, industry insights, content, testimonials, blog posts, success stories, polls, tips, and other expert advice to connect with your target audience. 

Below are some construction companies in the UK that successfully cracked social media marketing.

2.3.1 Balfour Beatty 

This renowned construction company in the UK has made its unique presence on social media with 23kK followers on Facebook, 70.2K followers on Twitter, 11.7K followers on Instagram, and 2.64K subscribers on YouTube. It stands out from others in terms of content format. 

2.3.2 KIER 

This leading construction company in the UK uses its Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube handles to promote its services. They also launched a minisite to help ordinary people understand buildings and construction engineering. They have 68.5K followers on Twitter and 1.25K subscribers on YouTube.

2.4 Showcase Your Expertise

Content marketing for construction companies is the best way to educate your audience and showcase your expertise. You can position yourself as an industry expert and build credibility for your firm. By implementing a strategic content marketing plan, you can rank well for keywords relevant to your buyer’s searches. 

Let’s say you want to build more shopping malls and apartments. Your content marketing strategy should be focused on topics related to those construction activities, such as – what types of permits are required, how to hire the best sub-contractors, interior/architectural tips, etc. Check out this comprehensive content marketing guide for the construction industry

Looking for some inspiration? Go through the below example of content marketing in the construction industry.

eSub is a construction software company that provides contractors with an easy-to-use solution to manage their projects. As a part of its content marketing strategy, the company is publishing regular blog content on its website and covers a wide range of construction-based topics to engage and educate its audience. With actionable insights and engaging content, eSub positioned itself as an expert in the construction industry. 

2.5 Invest in Paid Advertisements

If you want to get instant leads for your construction business, paid advertisements are the best option. Online advertising is easy to modify, more trackable and can be scaled up/down with a click of a button. Paid advertisements can take many forms, such as – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. Let’s get started with the best platforms to advertise your construction company. 

2.5.1 Google Ads

Google ads for construction companies are a great way to drive new clients looking for a construction company or contractor through Google. With well-designed campaigns and relevant keywords, you can instantly drive traffic to your landing page and improve CTR. Advertisers are usually charged $1-2 per click on average. However, depending on the keyword, some pay more than $50 per click.  Take a look at a few types of Google Ads below:-  

  1. Google Ad Type- Text Ad
  1. Google Ad Type – Display Text Ad on YouTube
  1. Google Ad Type – Google Map Ads
  1. Google Ad Type- Email Ads

2.5.2 Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the best platforms for online advertising. One can target the social media ads to homeowners based on location, gender, demographics, and interest. According to AdEspresso, the average cost per click of Facebook ads was 27.29 cents. You can even set goals like – encouraging visitors to like your page, signing up for a newsletter on the website, subscribing to the services, etc. 

2.5.3 Retargeting

It is a kind of online advertising where ads are shown to visitors who have been to your website. In a survey conducted by BuildOps, 22% of construction companies in the USA retargeting website visitors on Google Display Network or Facebook fuel their marketing efforts. It is one of the inexpensive tactics that can increase the conversion rate by 150%.   

2.6 Email Marketing for Construction Industry

If you want to nurture your leads and convert them into potential customers, email marketing is the best option. According to a survey, 20% of Americans check their mailbox up to 5 times daily. With a high open and engagement rate, emails can drive higher conversion among all the marketing channels. Here are some simple ways to start email marketing for construction industry

2.6.1 Build Email List

Invite homeowners, builders, and contractors to sign up for your email list by providing valuable and informative content. Make sure the content addresses their pain points or solves challenges. For instance – free home maintenance checklist, top 10 questions to ask a home contractor, discount coupon on first purchase, etc. 

2.6.2 Automated Email

Respond to the customers with automated welcome emails as soon as they sign up. Make sure to deliver the content or coupon you promised to deliver. Engage with them in multiple places and help them know more about your business. Some popular channels to send automated emails include – Mailchimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Omnisend, and Drip

2.6.3 Newsletters

Newsletters are the best ways to keep your audience informed of your business and industry-related news. You can highlight special promotions and events, announce new projects, or launch new services. They help drive traffic to your website and, at the same time, keep the potential customers in the funnel.  

2.7 Use Videos for Construction Marketing

When it comes to construction marketing, it’s not hard to understand why videos are gaining traction. According to HubSpot, more than 50% of consumers prefer seeing brand video content. Level up your construction brand through different types of videos and connect with prospective clients. Here are the best video marketing strategies for construction companies – 

2.7.1 Questions & Answers

To create a unique brand identity for your construction company, you can create a Q & A video that answers all the questions homeowners want to get answered. Talk about what makes your company awesome and build a long-lasting working relationship with your consumers. 

2.7.2 Video Tours

Have you built something impressive recently? Create a video tour of the construction work. Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes look to show how hard your team works. Whether it is remodelling a house or interior designing, You can be as creative with construction videos of your projects.  

2.7.3 Webinars

Create webinars and vlogs and constantly publish them on your channels to stay connected with your audience. Share your knowledge with homeowners & contractors through webinars and live events. It will help your loyal audience to know more about your expertise. 

2.8 Solicit Genuine Online Reviews

According to Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers consider online reviews personal recommendations. To market and grow your construction business efficiently, ask clients for reviews or direct them to major review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Online reviews matter a lot for contractors as it reflects well on their business. Also, it helps your construction company rank high on local search results. Here are the types of online reviews that matter – 

2.8.1 Testimonials

Create short reviews of former satisfied clients or a full-length customer success story. Then, share the testimonials on social media, websites, and email marketing campaigns. It is a powerful way to show prospective clients what they can expect from your construction company. 

2.8.2 Feedback From Experts

If there are experts in your field, you can ask them to give feedback about your services. Customers will likely spend 31% more on businesses with excellent expert feedback. It is linked to many benefits such as lower costs, increased market share, or higher revenue.

2.9 Leverage your News Releases

When it comes to the construction business, it’s ok to boast. Press releases for construction companies help build your brand and gain exposure. An effective press release can dramatically increase sales and expose your company to prospective customers. You can even post press releases as fresh content for your blog or website. Here are some examples of press releases in the construction industry –

Let’s explore different types of press releases for construction marketing – 

2.9.1 Project Launches

A new project launch press release is valuable to get the word about upcoming projects. It should emphasise project type (residential/commercial), pricing, location, availability, and other valuable details to the consumers. One can also mention the future updates and expansions.

2.9.2 New Partnerships

Construction firms often merge with other companies or partners. Press releases are apt for announcing new partnerships with details like – why the partnership was created, who benefits, a summary about the company, and so on. 

2.9.3 Rebranding

Many construction companies try to rebrand themselves after staying in the industry for years. The transition of rebranding can be made smoother with a press release. Include details such as – what is changing, reasons for making the change, dates the changes go into effect, and so on. 

2.9.4 Achievements & Awards

For your target audience to know about your achievements and recognitions, you will have to publicise them. Press releases are the best way to position your company as a leader. 

For example, this press release in Dec 2020 states that Richard & Rice Construction Company won the 2020 NAHB safety award for excellence. 

Check out some more examples of construction press releases at world construction today

2.10 Integrate Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an excellent way for construction businesses to reach their potential customers anytime and anywhere. From improving engagement to increasing brand awareness and generating qualified leads – it is a simple and quick way to drive results. Some of the important mobile marketing strategies include – 

2.10.1 SMS Marketing

SNS marketing is a permission-based strategy – where you send promotions, coupons, deals, and alerts straight to potential customers via text messages. According to mobile marketing stats, people open and read 98% of text messages. However, it is not recommended for time-sensitive promotions. 

2.10.2 Whatsapp Marketing

Use WhatsApp marketing to promote your construction services and reach a wider audience. With more than 2 billion global users, Whatsapp is the most widely used platform after Facebook. It not only supports text messages but images, audio, videos, and Vcards. Here are some examples of editable construction WhatsApp post templates.  You can customise these templates and market your company seamlessly via Whatsapp. 

2.10.3 QR Codes 

QR codes are the 2D scannable barcodes that direct users to your construction website or take a specific action. For example, you can share your construction website with more audiences by converting the URL into a dynamic QR code. Additionally, you can add more valuable content to flyers, brochures, billboards, and posters using QR codes. It takes only a few seconds to generate QR codes, but the benefits they bring are immense.

With digital marketing in construction industry, there is a lot you can do to futureproof your business. You can turn your potential customers into brand advocates without much investment. Start implementing the above digital marketing ideas for construction companies to make the best out of your marketing efforts. By incorporating them into your business plan, you can grow your construction company exponentially for years. 

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  • How do you market a construction product?

To market a construction product, follow a niche marketing strategy, run a PPC campaign, update your website regularly, promote as much as on social media, and invest in video marketing. 

  • Why is social media important for the construction industry?

Social media helps construction companies to develop business relationships, increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads. 

  • How can I promote my construction business on Facebook?

To promote your construction business on Facebook, create a company page, build a following, and invest in paid advertising to generate leads and improve brand awareness. Besides, you can promote your page in industry-relevant groups.

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